Tiger Shredding & Recycling can help keep information secure when you need document destruction to make room for new clients, move offices, or close a business in Lake Charles. Here’s how it works…







Estimate the number of boxes, filing cabinets, and/or amount of loose paper needed to be shredded. This helps ensure that the Tiger Shredding and Recycling (TSR) service team is ready to properly collect your documents to be shredded.


  • Accurate count of boxes to be shredded
  • Condition of the boxes
  • Location of the boxes
  • Time frame needed for shredding


Once you have identified the documents to be shredded, contact a Tiger Shredding and Recycling representative. An experienced TSR staff member will help assess your needs through a brief conversation or a visit to your place of business. Together, we will discuss the best courses of action to remove your sensitive documents.


Once you and a TSR representative have established your company’s needs, a customized plan is designed and put into action.

A TSR staff member can:

  • Pick-up boxes on pallets
  • Remove those heavy boxes from shelving, attics, old offices, etc.
  • Purge storage units

You can choose to have one of our staff members help you get started or you can go through your filing cabinets at your own pace to ensure that you are shredding only what is no longer needed. A TSR staff member can also deliver secure, lockable containers to your place of business.



All TSR staff undergo background investigations and drug screening as well as previous job referral checks to maintain industry security requirements (i.e., NAID certification). TSR staff members wear identification badges and uniforms for quick identification.


During the pick-up stage of the process, a TSR staff member will load your documents into a locked vehicle for transportation. Once the job has been completed, your TSR staff member will fill out a “Certificate of Removal” (COR). Your COR will annotate the quantity of documents picked-up.


Our facility is protected with top of the line security systems. Not only do we have a monitored security system, but we have a state of the art camera system. Our facility is safeguarded by surveillance cameras that give us a complete 360 degree view of our property and the shredding process at all times. Our daily shredding process is recorded and stored for 90 plus days in accordance with NAID standards.



Documents are lifted up by a hopper onto a conveyer belt where they are fed through our continuous cut shredder. The documents are then shredded, according to NAID standards and fed down another conveyer system where they are compressed into paper bales. The paper bales are then loaded into a secure 18 wheeler which is sent directly to the paper mill and pulped-down.


Once your documents have been securely destroyed a Document of Destruction (DOD) is sent to you. Your DOD will notate date, time, and who witnessed your documents being destroyed.


TSR recognizes the need to take the destruction process a step further by ”Geauxing Green”. After documents have been destroyed, they are baled and loaded onto a secured truck. They are then sent to the recycling mill to be pulped-down and made into recycled paper products such as hand towels, tissue paper, and cups. We send 100% of all destroyed paper to a recycling mill. Last year, TSR recycled over 5 million pounds of paper.